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Greg started angel investing in Boston in 2017 and has invested in over a 25 companies to date. His interests are in companies that are improving lives through technology and design. Companies that have a clear vision, mission, team, and plan are most interesting.

Greg is able to add value to his portfolio startups via his operational experience in running a company as well as his product, technology and user experience background. Greg is also part of a number of angel groups in the Boston and New England area with a deep network to other VC’s and investors.

Areas of expertise and particular interest include:

  • Electrification of cars, transportation and solar
  • Mobile applications and mobile technology
  • E-commerce and Direct to Consumer
  • Software as a Service companies
  • Advanced technologies: AI, Robotics, ML, etc.

Interested in chatting? You can contact me here.

Please note: I’m currently running Techstars Boston so companies with a sub-5M valuation should apply to the Techstars Boston program.

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