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Tello EDU 2020

It’s amazing how far drones have come and in 2020 the Tello Edu drone is perhaps the lowest cost beginner drone that allows you dive in, take pictures and fully program a flying drone. For those learning about Drones and not wanting to break the budget, it’s a great starter option. The Tello EDU is also very affordable for those learning about robotics, AI or image recognition.

If you get intro drones, you’re going to crash it. That’s just how it goes, you may as well start with a low cost starter option.

The 2020 Tello costs just $129 and is sold by DJI, it’s built by Ryze technologies and comes packed with a camera capable of doing 720p video or 5MP images. You’re able to program the drone using Swift, Python or Scratch and the Tello SDK allows for even more.

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