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Thoughts on the AI Revolution

The recent release of GPT3 & 4 has unlocked a number of innovations and revolutions in artificial intelligence. The new advances opens up questions on ethics, technology and humanity. At a recent AI event a number of these were discussed.

  1. If AI is evil and takes over, is that the natural evolution of humanity?
  2. Should AI be regulated? If so does that give an advantage to the AI’s that are developed in un-regulated regions.
  3. AGI, may be contained by our ability/in-ability to create data-centers.
  4. AI being able to output high-quality code could 1000x the best engineers and 10x mediocre one. The best engineers are already working on AI so the pace is guaranteed to accelerate.
  5. As AI gets better we’re likely to re-shore a lot of work that has traditionally been off-shore. Call-centers, tech-support, QA, etc.
  6. Who’s responsible for the jobpocolyps? Perhaps the future super-intelligence can solve it.
  7. Most people are split on how fast things will go and if there will be a flash point or a freight train.
  8. AI and ethics are intertwined, and it’s crucial to consider the long-term impact on society while creating and implementing these technologies.
  9. As AI continues to develop, it will become crucial to adapt our education systems to equip individuals with the necessary skills and knowledge to succeed in an AI-driven world.
  10. ChatGPT wrote 8 & 9 and most people wouldn’t have guessed if I hadn’t written this.
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