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Why Solar?

A lot of folks are thinking about solar but they are framing the problem the wrong way. The thought process is usually focused on the financials and most solar companies are selling solar based on the fiscal benefits.

Yes. There are financial benefits and yes, solar can cost quite a bit in terms of up-front investment so this is a consideration but this shouldn’t be the WHY. If you’re starting with a financial argument you’ll end up having a weak argument.

If you want a greater % of your energy to come from natural sources, solar is often the only way to take control.

Current New England energy sources for grid-based energy. Source ISO-NE

New England currently gets 7% of its energy from renewables, of that only a small percentage is solar. While natural gas is 50-60% better than coal in terms of carbon emissions it’s still not very clean. If your WHY is to reduce your carbon footprint then solar is a really good solution.

Taking ownership of your energy production is both easy and cost-effective way to positively reduce total carbon emissions while also having nice finance side-effects.

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