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Cell phone as an extension of the PC

The desktop PC has been stuck on the desk for too long. It's new younger brother the cell phone is taking over. Cell phones are now taking on the more complex tasks of managing contacts, editing schedules and giving you reminders. More and more PC features are being added to cell phones each year: photos, web browsing, video, instant messenger, copying files, listening to music, etc. etc.

So now I have two devices that are both connected. One has a high resolution display, a keyboard and mouse and is connected to the internet. The other has 9 number keys, a tiny screen that I carry with me and is connected to a cell company. Now bring the two together into a new portable device that connects these two worlds. I call it a personal-cell.

What is it?

  • A personal-cell is a cell phone that connects directly to your personal computer.
  • Any appointment you create on your computer is viewable from your personal-cell. Every phone number that is stored on your personal-cell is also viewable on your PC.
  • Both are always in sync you never have to manually sync it.
  • Any music you want to hear from your PC or any file you need is available from your cell phone.
  • If you loose your phone you don't loose any of your contacts.
  • If you buy a new personal-cell you don't have to manually enter in all your information you just have to associate your phone with your PC.
  • Best part is that existing cell-phones can be turned into personal-cell's with just a software change and no real change to the hardware.
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