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Rebranding XP

One of the projects I worked on while at Microsoft was re-branding Windows XP with the new logo and flag. It's amazing how many different versions of the Windows flag there are. It's in icons, dialogs, help screens, keyboard applications, fonts, printer test pages, setup files, boot screens, welcome screens, shutdown screens, start buttons and many more.

When XP shipped I was only aware of two 'old flags' in the system. The first was the windows logo in the Wingdings font: ÿ the second was an older Windows Media activeX control. Both were not changed because they where really subtle and could cause potential compatibility problems. Yesterday I was surprised to find the third 'old' flag that slipped through. This one was right under everyone's nose but it was never found. Can you spot the old flag:

The top banner of explorer has two modes a thin and thick appearance and animation. Interestingly this old logo only shows in IE not in Windows Explorer even though they appear visually to be identical. To get the old logo to show you need to drag the fat back/forward toolbar into the flag region. Oops, my bad. That said I'm kind of amazed it took me almost five years to find this bug.

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