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RCN discovers a new form of energy

I was having problem with my new HD cable connection to RCN so I called their technical support department. After waiting almost 30 minutes on hold I finally spoke with someone.

I was experiencing static, pixelated images and staggered pictures. After a breif description of the problem the tech support person started to ask about how my cable was set up.

  • Me: It's coming in one room, where it splits, the split end is currently unplugged. The cable then goes into my living room where it splits again to my Cable modem and my Cable box.
  • RCN Support: The problem is likely with the first split. The signal gets split and is weaker when it reaches the cable box.
  • Me: But it's not plugged into anything. It's like having an extension cord with nothing plugged in. It should not change the signal.
  • RCN Support: Well it does, the signal gets split and is weaker after the split.
  • Me: I'm sorry, I've taken electrical engineering classes (granted it was a while ago.) The signal could me marginally weaker because of the added resistance in the length of cable but since it's not plugged in it should be negligable.
  • RCN Support: We'll it's not an electical signal that is being sent down the cable.
  • Me: Really? (holding back from laughing) What kind of signals are they?
  • RCN Support: It's not an electical signal, it's called a "cable signal."
  • Me: Really, are you sure? The signals aren't electical?
  • RCN Support: No the siganls are not electical.

At this point I burst out laughing. I scheduled a repair person to come and help improve my "cable signals" however I'm worried that the repair person won't be able to find them.

Basic information on how cable works can be found here:

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