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Electronics should be silent

I'm sick of the buzzing, whining, humming and clicking of electronics.

Computers have for years differentiated themselves by performance metrics. More memory, larger hard drive, faster processor. Computers are now reaching the point where memory and processor speed are no longer a differentiating factor.

The top things people do with their computers... Surf the web, check email, write a document, and play a game. Unless you're playing a very new 3D game the computers made last year are about as good as the ones that will be made next year. The next frontier is the sound barrier.

Or perhaps the lack of sound barrier. Hard drives whiz as they start up and they click as they access data. Fans whirr and whine as they blow air over hot computer parts. Computers that are quite will begin to set themselves apart.

Instead of looking for higher MHz we will soon be looking for computers with lower dB levels.

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