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Two Books in my head

There are two books that have gotten my brain thinking.

1) Myths of Innovation is a fun and easy read by Scott Berkun that explores the myths and truths behind the process of creating new ideas and bringing these ideas to market. The book is really well researched and really made me consider if the focus should be 'innovation' or just creating great products. I give it four stars, I'd give it five stars but since Scott gives me a shout out on page 164 people would think he just bought me off with a beer. Scott's a good guy and the books a great read. Get it from Amazon here.

2) Blink - 'The power of thinking without thinking' explores the split second things that your brain does in the fraction of a second. Some call it intuition, or instinct, perhaps a gut feel. This book explores the phenomena of
how your brain takes subtle cues & processes things in an instant. One of the core ideas that Malcolm Gladwell promotes is that our brain 'thin-slices' information and you can often learn more from the thin slices then from the larger view. The book is an interesting read, and made me think much more about the decisions I make and how and why I'm making them. If you're interested in some of the inner workings of what makes your own head work Blink is a good read. I give it 3 and 1/2 stars. Pick it up from Amazon.

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