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Apple's Secret

Apple is generally great at keeping secrets. They love to break the news and wow the audience. They are amazing at this and control the media experience with precision. The process starts with the invitation, carefully crafted with just a hint of what's to come.  It has the exact effect that Apple wants. Everyone is speculating and getting excited. It's like opening a present on your birthday... What could it be?

The problem is that controlling this experience requires secrecy. It means that within Apple there are people who know the secret and people who do not.  The secrecy creates dividing lines between groups. The groups that are not 'in the know' then go off and create their own secrets.  This is what has happened at Apple and it's getting out of control.

Everyone gets paranoid about saying too much and in turn says too little. This secrecy has created a particularly deep divide in the iPhone part of Apple's business. The cloak and dagger secrecy behind the ways that Apple runs the app store have made me question if the secrecy is 'worth it.'

I appreciate the show and the magic that goes on to make it happen. That said a clearer line needs to be drawn between what's good for hardware sales and what's good for the rest of the business.

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