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Spider Smoke Alarm Detector

A common problem with any product is maintenance. You buy the product and you want it to just work. But most products require maintenance such as replacing a battery, or changing a filter. Now if you're talking about your TV remote control then changing a battery is easy but if you're talking about a fire alarm that can be a whole different problem.

I got the idea for a spider smoke detector. On the surface the detector looks like a standard issue fire alarm but the extra feature is it's ability to help with proper maintenance. When the battery on the fire-alarm begins to die down the fire alarm flips an internal switch that allows the alarm it to descend 5ft on a built in spider-web-cord. This makes it very easy to both notice the device and replace the battery. Once the new battery is installed the spider detector winds it's way back up to the ceiling to continue keeping your home safe for years to come.

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