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If you haven't heard of Path I suggest you check it out.  It's a new entrant into the arguably crowded social networking space. Unlike Facebook or even Twitter the current experience is almost entirely mobile. The premise is that your network is constrained to a smaller number of people. The service limits you to 150 contacts. The design has many subtle touches that make the app very enjoyable to use.

That being said, I enjoy exploring what I may have done different. See my previous FourSquare Exploration.

Here's the original main screen:

Here are my issues:

  • The people icons are too small, the self icon is circular but friends are rounded rectangles.
  • The refresh icon isn't needed on screen, a pull to refresh could have been used, or nothing at all.
  • The current time also isn't necessary as it's built into the iPhone status bar.
  • The update Status + icon overlaps people's faces and seems to get in the way of the notification bar.
  • The comments icon implies a happy face. In fact the button allows you to add comments and perform other actions beyond smiling at things.
  • The notification bar doesn't feel like it fits with the interface.  These notifications are part of my path but are visually represented as separate.
My exploration:

  • Large faces, using the round icon treatment
  • Removed refresh and time indication and replaced it with recent notifications
  • Right column contains number of views or a + to allow users to add a comment/smile, etc.  The + could become a strong brand element so it may be nice to use it throughout.
  • Status area is more obviously place to either type or add some other media. Encouraging text input plus media will make the content easier to consume and socialize.
  • The notification area is moved to the top (as part of your path). This way it doesn't overlap posts or the input area.

What would you have done different?

This post is licensed under CC BY 4.0 by the author.