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U-turn, UI turn

I was driving this morning and I got lost. I took a wrong exit and started going down a street. I knew I was going the wrong way and I was pretty certain I wanted to turn around. As I pulled up to a stop light the sign next to the light clearly told me that I was not allowed to make a U-turn. I've probably passed similar signs hundreds or even thousands of times, but this time I stopped and thought about it.

A traffic designer probably realized:

  1. Drivers might get lost and need to make a U-turn
  2. Some drivers would want to make the U-turn at this exact location
  3. A car doing a U-turn at this location could be dangerous or disruptive to traffic

The traffic designer decided that the solution to the problem is a no U-turn sign. But what they didn't realize is that this doesn't solve the actual problem. I still want to make the U-turn and the sign is completely useless to my specific desire to turn around.

Imagine a computer parallel:

Now imagine if a couple signs that could have been useful:

  • U-turn up ahead
  • Exit on right to return to Rt 3
  • Please U-turn on side streets only
  • Rotary ahead
  • U-turn only on green arrow
  • Etc. Etc.

Just a friendly reminder to anyone writing error messages and screen text. It's not what you can't do it's how to get it done that counts.

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