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Great Photo Quality - by Default

Over at Raizlabs we're working on a new photo sharing product called PicMe. There are a lot of photo sharing tools out there are we think ours is pretty different. Apart from the unique interface and the desktop based approach one principal that we have is: "Great quality photos, by default."

Photos create memories and the beauty is in the details. Here's a quick look at some of the key players and how they display your photos by default:

Note: This is the default image resolution when you open a single image, For many of these services it's possible to get a larger resolution image but it's not the default.
Because PicMe Photo Sharing is a desktop based application we can use a higher quality image (usually double what others use) and resize the image with anti-aliasing at the resolution of the monitor. This means if you have a really nice 20" LCD monitor you see the details of the photo by default. This also means we can do some cool things with multi-mon and full screen mode and caching that can't be done within a browser. Have you tried PicMe yet?

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