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iTip - A Tip Calculator for the iPhone

UPDATE: We have a new and improved tip calculator. Get details and download the best iPhone tip calculator available.

Itip - Tip Calculator

Last night I coded up a simple tip-calculator for the iphone using the 'web sdk.' It's very basic and allows you to easily calculate the tip and figure out how to split a bill between multiple people. It was mostly a learning exercise but it turns out to be somewhat useful. Add it to your bookmarks for easy access on the go.

  • The iphone uses a strange meta tag called a viewport to determine if content should be scaled.
  • You need to use the style default-width; and default-height to get the window to fill the screen.
  • If you give text fields special names like 'zip' you'll get a number mode keyboard if you use 'mobile' you'll get a telephone input keyboard. (no longer true)
  • Since the iphone has no text selection model there seems to be no way to move the text input cursor. I wanted to use the 'telephone pad' for all numeric input and then auto- place the decimal point into but I couldn't get Safari to behave.
  • Webkit has some nice effects like rounded rectangles, shadows and more. Too bad it's not part of all modern web browsers.
  • You can get the Address bar to disappear by placing an onload event on the body:
    onload="setTimeout(function(){ window.scrollTo(0, 1);}, 1)"
    Note: This only seems to work if the window is large enough to scroll.
  • The EDGE network is slow enough without needing to load external files. Minimizing external calls to import CSS and Javascript and things will load faster, especially for one-page applications like this one.
  • Hope you like it. If you have tips for my tip-calculator leave comments.
UPDATE: We have a new and improved tip calculator. Get additional details and download the best iPhone tip calculator.
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