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A reader, Josh Weinberg, wrote in to comment on my CSS Sucks article. The article gets a ton of traffic mostly from people typing: "CSS Sucks" into google. I think I'm onto something.

Josh put together a number of example of how broken CSS is by showing examples of the CSS Zen Garden with different content. He literally took the CSS markup with no modification and simply changed the content to be smaller. The results broke some designs beyond recognition other designs had varied results. Take a look.

The point here is that CSS Zen Garden is an artificial utopia that doesn't exist in the real world

  • Content is dynamic
  • You can't rely on the content length or it's presence
  • You can't expect a custom class for every text element
  • You can't do image replacement if the text is dynamic

Thank you CSS Zen Garden for helping prove my point that CSS still sucks.

This post is licensed under CC BY 4.0 by the author.