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Walk, Run & Sit with Purpose

We do a variety of activities every day and we do them for the wrong reasons. It's perhaps not that the activities are wrong. We may feel we need to get to work, or go for a jog or even compose an email however the reason why is often wrong.

The purpose of our actions is hidden away and often not discussed. Our purpose on this world may be happiness, family, life, humanity, excellence, pride or other things. It's these things that push us.

We don't perform the actions of our daily life because of a calendar invite and an email in our inbox. We don't write code all day or obsess about the details of an application because we want to do so. It's because delivering value, happiness, joy and awe is rewarding. We want to delight, surprise and be proud of our ability to shape the world through our contribution of software and technology.  That is my purpose and I look forward to sharing it with you.

I invite you to come join me later this month where I explore this topic and several others at 360Intersect, an event where technologists like me will be talking about how the world outside of software is impacted by the things we create.

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