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After listening to George Bush's Sate of the Union I had to think that perhaps he's not as big an idiot as I initially thought. He made some good comments about tax reform, SS reform, law reform and more. He still said some stupid things but all in all I give it a B-. Not bad. One of the things he mentioned was a stronger effort to find alternative fuels to power our car hungry country.

This got me thinking about electric cars and strangly enough about trains. Subway trains to be precise. They are electric, they run for 1000's of miles and they don't have to be re-charged. Compare this to today's hybrid cars. Hybrid cars have heavy batteries, and still rely on gas. A subway car by comparison also runs on electricity but the electricity of course is provided from a central station so the subway car doesn't have to carry it's own batteries.

Then I got the idea. What if cities began to build street level electric networks for cars. The idea is a little far fetched because such a network would cost a lot and take a long time to build. But perhaps the private sector electric companies would foot the bill for the infrastructure, in order to become the Taxaco's of tomorrow. If such an electric network was put in place it would become much more practical to build lightweight hybrid cars that carry a fraction of the batteries and can be driven without stopping to recharge.

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