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Ipod Nano First Thoughts

  • Yes it's amazingly small.
  • It's been said before but the screen does seem to scratch easily. This may be made worse by the fact that the Ipod is designed to have a glossy finish. Most electronics have a matte finish so it's harder to see scratches and imperfections. Because the Nano is polished to a showroom shine it's instantly visible when there is even the slightest scratch.
  • There is an ingenious de-tangler on the headphones included with the Ipod nano. It's essentially a little belt-buckle that can slide up to the top of the headphones to keep them untangled when you put the Ipod in your pocket. I haven't seen anyone else mention it but it's a brilliant and insightfully addition.
  • Calendar syncing with Outlook is very useful however the total user experience doesn't quite work. As soon as you connect your Ipod it tries to synch with Outlook and brings up a security dialog asking to allow/deny access. Some may say that this is a bug in Outlook however it is possible to write an Outlook add-ins that access the contact data and does not cause the security dialog. (As a temporary fix there is a tool called "ClickYes" that addresses this issue)
  • The dock connector is positioned right next to the headphone jack. Initially I didn't think this would be a problem until I discovered that you have to squeeze the dock connector to allow it to disengage from the Nano. Since the connector has to be squeezed from both sides you have to first unplug the headphones.
  • I've heard some complaints that the headphone jack is at the bottom of the device however I think this is actually a better design since the cord doesn't block the screen. It also means that if you place the device in your pocket the cord is facing out of the pocket so you don't get poked in the leg with the headphone jack.
  • Initially I thought that photo viewing would be great but at such a small size I haven't found it very useful.
  • Proporportional scrolling and shuffling songs are much easier then in the original ipod. Some of my original comments on the Ipod still hold true.
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