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Apple's New Laptop

In the next few months most people expect that Apple will unveil a new laptop built on an Intel x86 platform. But what many analysts may not be expecting is the enormous response that this new laptop will get from the development community.

Within a week of the release of the new Intel based Apple notebook someone will figure out how to install Windows and Linux onto this device. It will be for the first time a true cross platform development machine. Graphic designers, application developers and consumers will swarm to get one.

Why? This will be the first no compromise laptop that will have the styling that has made apple famous and with support for Windows applications. Today many people hedge from making the jump to Apple because they may loose some application or game that's not available. But now you can have it all and the slightly higher price of an Apple may now feel justified as you're getting more then you would with any other laptop.

I expect the success of this laptop to rival the iPod.

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