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Visual TrackPad of tomorrow

What Apple Should have released for a desktop trackpad

Apple released a product that was decidedly un-magical when it released the Magic Trackpad. Despite the use of the word "Magic" the device was really just a big trackpad with nothing to amaze or delight the end-user.  The battery charger that comes with it was more impressive.

The true trackpad of tomorrow would have the following characteristics:

  • Control the computer pointer with touch gestures (duh)
  • Provide application  specific touch interface enhancements
  • Web browser specific controls at your fingertips
  • Formatting tools from your word processor at your fingertips
  • Crop and resize photos with your fingers visually.
  • When typing a number show a calculator keypad
  • Many of the interface enhancments that are taking place on the iPad could be transposed to desktop apps.

A huge efficiency is in minimizing the number of times your hand has to move from the keyboard to the mouse and back. This is why there are so many keyboard shortcuts for things that can be done with a mouse. The mouse/trackpad can evolve to present visual ways to process input in a way that would be more efficient then either the keyboard or a mouse.

There's an opportunity to create a true visual and magical input device that combines the best aspects of a trackpad the iPad and the mouse.

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