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Productivity tip- check email less often

Email notification is a sweet seducer of your time. You've got mail! It's exciting, someone cares enough to write something to you. The sound of the new message, the pop-up notification begs you to stop what you're doing and read it!

I think that email is to some degree addictive. Each message is a bit of mental sugar, a little nicotine of digital satisfaction. I have found myself checking email all the time. This could even be made worse by programs that check automatically for you.  I'm guilty of writing one. Doh!

Want to really increase your productivity? It's simple. Set your email checkers, outlook, blackberries, etc. To check for mail only once every 1/2 hour or even once every hour if you're brave. Less checking means less distractions. Less distractions means longer stretches with more productivity.

  • Less checking cuts down on quick back and forth messages. Email isn't a great tool for an "instant messenger" conversations. Use a phone or meet in person to discuss. Horror!
  • You may find that smaller issues get resolved on their own.
  • If several people have replied before you it gives you the opportunity to have the last word. This also means you are more likely to be in a role where you can break a tie in the direction you want.
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