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If the IRS was an electric company

I was figuring out some tax things and it struck me how complicated and backwards the tax system is. Imagine if the IRS was an electric company

  • If the IRS was an electric company...You would have to compute your electric bill based on how much electricity you used last year and expected to use next year
  • The more money you make the more expensive the electricity gets
  • Electricity would change costs if you had more kids
  • Electricity would cost more or less depending on if you used it for work or personal use.
  • You would pay part of your electric bill twice. Once to your local electric company and the rest to the central electric company each would have different rules.
  • The electric company would charge you differently if you where single or married
  • If you owned a business you could be charged for the same electricity twice
  • If you didn't pay your electric bill correctly the electric company could throw you in jail.
  • You would never actually receive a bill, you have to read your own meter and correctly calculate your bill per Kilowatt hour.
  • You would have to itemize your appliances

Don't get me wrong I don't have a problem paying taxes for government services that help this country grow. I just wish the system for doing so wasn't completely backwards.

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