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Despite the decline in BlackBerry popularity it still has a lot of existing customers. So we wanted to demo some functionality for our AppBlade product, since it's multi-platform.

Ok. Well Let's write a little app.  We just need an SDK.  Shouldn't be a big deal. I'll just download the SDK...

  • BlackBerry Java SDK v7.1
  • BlackBerry Java SDK v6.0
  • C++ Native SDK 2.1 Beta
  • C++ Native SDK 2.0.1
  • C++ Cascades BlackBerry Beta
  • BlackBerry WebWorks HTML5 SDK
  • BlackBerry PlayBook SDK for Adobe Air
  • BlackBerry 10 SDK for Adobe Air
  • Command Line Tools for Android Apps

With so many choices it's a wonder that developers aren't flocking to this platform.

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