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DRM - Dumb Recordable Media

DRM also known as digital rights management is working it's way into many technologies. Music, DVD's, Video Games, TV. At it's core DRM is the new way of saying "Anti-counterfeit technology."

It's main purpose is to prevent the counterfeit creation of digital data. Unfortunately DRM is specifically designed to prevent the one thing that consumers want... Choice.

Choice of media player, choice of playback options, choice of hardware vendor.

Fact: It's impossible to protect digital media in a free information market. DRM technology is like a safe. Your digital media is locked inside the safe. For you to be able to hear your music and use your content you need to unlock the safe. Once the lock is open you have access to the music. Once the combination to the lock is used anyone can look inside.

There has never been a DRM technology that has ever fully worked. They have all been broken.
The RIAA and MPAA are two organizations that are meant to protect the recording and movie industry. But instead of making it easier for consumers to buy and enjoy music and movies anytime, anywhere on any device these organizations put up road blocks in the form of DRM and other technologies. Pssst. Sometimes technology is not the answer.

Fact: If I could legally purchase my favorite music from an online music store in a non-encrypted, non-DRM format for a reasonable price I would buy more music then I do today.

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