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Our relationship with computers

Dear Computer,
Enough with the pop-ups, the alerts, the toast notifications, the email dings, the buzzers, the bells the RSS notifications and messages. You do nothing but nag me all day. I'm done with your blinking battery indicator, and your endless yes / no questions.

When did we lose sight of our direction? Don't you dare tell me you can't delete the file. If I said I want it deleted, don't argue with me. How can you ask me if I want the file saved? Of course I want to save it! I've been working on it for hours.

You don't understand me. You never did. I wonder if you ever will. We don't have conversations, we don't interface. Two monologues doesn't make a dialog. You have a great memory but you never remember what I like. You're always off running random errands and other nonsense.

I don't know if it's going to work out. I'm asking you to change.

- Your Humans

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