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When is a DVD not a DVD?

When you buy a DVD you expect that your DVD will play in every DVD player. Well it turns out that the some DVD's aren't normal. In fact it's questionable if they can even be called DVD's.

I had a very annoying experience with the Matrix DVD. The Matrix DVD is not a normal DVD. I've had the disc for a number of years. The DVD simply won't play in my new MacBook Pro. At first I thought it was a scratched disk but a closer look showed the disk was fine. It plays fine on my PC and perfectly in my DVD player. As soon as it goes into the Mac it starts to seek all over the disk preventing it from playing properly.

Doing some research I found that Warner Bros. did something wacky to their disks.
In tiny text at the bottom of the box. it says:
"The DVD-ROM features will not work on a CD-ROM or a Macintosh computer."
Of course I don't care about the DVD-ROM features, I just want to watch the movie.

The DVD-ROM features will not work on a CD-ROM or a Macintosh computer.
So now I have a so called "DVD" that I bought that I can't play. What are my rights? Was I supposed to know that the DVD wasn't going to play on a Mac? All other DVD's play fine. Was it unfair for Warner Bros. to sell me a DVD that wasn't actually a standard DVD. Can I return the disk years later? Is this a bug in the Apple DVD Player? Anyone else having the same problem?

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