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3D Photo Sharing Application - PicMe

I'm really excited to announce a quick visual preview of an application that we've been working on at Raizlabs. The application is code named PicMe and offers a new way to view, share and interact with photos. The video here shows a quick preview of some of the functionality.

The application was designed to handle what I call the "Lifetime of Photos" problem. Many existing applications do a good job of working with hundreds or sometimes thousands of photos. We wanted to really think about how you would manage an entire lifetime of pictures, potentially hundreds of thousands. We came up with an innovative perspective look that allows you to see stacks of photos. Individual folders are represented as stacks and you can quickly scroll through thousands of images and quickly access, preview and share the images as well.

Over the next few months I'll have some additional information about the application, it's development and how other developers, photographers and individuals can use this tool. Some additional information is available here.

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