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Say Hi to PicMe Photo Sharing

PicME Photo Sharing ServiceBROOKLINE, MA, JULY 6, 2007: Raizlabs Corporation today announced the availability of PicMe Photo Sharing, their new digital photo sharing service. The free software is available now for download at http://picme.raizlabs.com.

The software is the first of its kind to integrate photo sharing with a rich and interactive 3-D desktop experience.
“We wanted to remove the barriers to sharing photos. Unlike many of the existing web sharing tools we focused on the desktop experience, because that’s where your photos live.” said Gregory Raiz founder of Raizlabs.

Over a year of development has gone into this new application which allows users to easily share thousands of photos with their friends and family, while also offering a unique 3-D perspective of all the photos in their digital collections. “Although we use a lot of innovative technology our focus has been on making the product easy enough for novice users.” said Craig Spitzkoff, VP of development.

PicMe takes the pain and need for technical expertise out of sharing photos by providing an intuitive way to interact with your photos and contacts. PicMe also integrates with other popular photo sharing services such as Flickr.

The PicMe service is free to use and allows for sharing of hundreds of photos. Premium accounts are available starting at $9.95/year allowing users to share thousands of photos.

Additional information is available at:

About Raizlabs Corporation
Raizlabs Corporation is a software development and user interface design firm based in Brookline, MA. Raizlabs is headed by Greg Raiz, a former program manager at Microsoft.

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