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iPhone Discoveries

Here are some tips tricks that I discovered about the iPhone that I didn't know when I got the device. Some of these may be obvious some may be tricks you find useful. These are all things you can do without hacking your phone.

  1. Theres a little switch on the side above the volume buttons that puts the phone into vibrate mode. This seems like a duh' now but I didn't even notice this switch at first.
  2. When browsing a website if you scroll to the bottom of the page the address bar will go away. If you press your finger where the address bar used to be in the top 1/4 inch the page will scroll to the top. If you hit this accidentally it may seem like a bug but if you know it's there it's quite useful.
  3. When typing on the keyboard you can get certain special characters by holding down certain letters. For example hold down the A or E for accented A's and E's. This seems to be available for (E, Y, U, I, O, A, S, L, Z, C, N, ?, !)
  4. If you're listening to music and lock the phone you can double click the home button and you'll get basic controls for next song/previous song and volume even while the device is locked. Also the side buttons will control the volume when the device is locked.
  5. Mobile Safari has a 'developer mode.' Go into settings, safari and enable the developer mode. You'll now get warnings and errors in safari as you visit pages. This is useful for debugging mobile web apps.
  6. If you're browsing a site you can hold your finger down over a link to see the URL target.
  7. The phone will auto-recognize numbers that look like telephones and automatically link them to the phone function.
  8. You can use the 'timer' application to sleep your phone. If you're listening to music and nodding off you can set the timer to turn off your iPod after a certain amount of time. Just change the "When the Timer Ends"option.
  9. If you have someone in your contact list that shows up in the 'wrong' place you can add a field to their contact info called 'phonetic name' so they will get sorted phonetically not by how their name is spelled. For example I have a bunch of restaurant under 'food.'
  10. If your phone rings and you're listening to music squeeze the headphone clicker once to answer and again to end the call.
  11. In the stock and weather app if you select the little Y! in the corner it'll take you to the Yahoo page on that stock or city.
  12. You can get your AT&T monthly balance and remaining minutes texted to your phone. Go to settings, phone, AT&T Services and select either balance or view my minutes.
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