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Amazon recently introduced a 'new' device for reading books called Kindle. The idea is that you would carry this new device around and enjoy reading your books, blogs and newspapers on the go.  What struck me was that I've already been using a device like this for years. It's called a laptop. The Kindle product does introduce two very itneresting technologies that have yet to make it to mainstream:

  1. Go anywhere, no-subscription wireless via an EVDO built in connection (Dubbed 'whispernet' by Amazon)
  2. Electronic ink that allows you to view the screen in bright sunlight with no backlight

While these new technologies are amazing the lack of a web-browser, word processor, email, 802.11 and a million other things will mean that you'll likely need to carry this around in supliment to your laptop and cellphone. The lack of a full cataloug of books means that if a particular best seller doesn't play ball you'll need to get the hardcover anyway.

Behold the dancing bear. It's not amazing because the bear dances particularly well but that it dances at all. If you could marry this device with the millions of books scanned by the folks at Google Books then you would really start to have something.

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