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Phone Menu Mistakes

  • "Our menu items have changed so please listen carefully..." - Do they really think I memorized their menus?
  • "We are experiencing unusually high call volume" - ... No. this happens to you all the time you just choose not to hire enough customer support people.
  • "Your call is very important to us" - If my call was important to you I wouldn't be on hold.
  • "Please enter your account number followed by number sign" ... So that we may process it and ask you for it again once you speak with a real person.
  • "Our department doesn't handle that you need to speak with" ... Someone else who will transfer you over and over untill you give up.
  • "Your call may be recorded for quality purposes." ... We're recorded all of our calls but we still can't figure out the quality problem.
  • Endless music with no indication of wait time... Would it kill you to tell me the expected time remaining or the number of people in the call line in front of me?
  • "You have pressed an invalid choice, goodbye." ... We don't care about your business.

How about you, heard any phone menu mistakes lately?

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