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Gigapixel images

Your camera takes megapixel images. A single screen resolution of 1024x768 is 786,000 pixels or almost a megapixel. This resolution is great for everyday viewing and gives you enough resolution to produce a decent 4x6" print.  Common wisdom is that past a certain number of pixels it just doesn't matter. Who needs a 20 megapixel image of stuff on their cat? Of course interesting things can start to happen when the image gets really big.

A group of people are exploring the idea of Gigapixel images or 1000 megapixels.  When you have resolutions that high you can discover new things in the photo. It's like being able to take a microoscope to the picture after you've taken it.  There are a couple examples including HD View from Microsoft reasearch that uses a pretty amazing viewer to zoom-in on photos. Xrez that uses both the MS viewer as well as the Google maps style viewer as well as Flash style viewers for gigapixel content such as Harlem 13 Gigapixels. I don't expect that Gigapixels will get to consumer cameras anytime soon but I do expect to see more high-rez photography used in sports, news, and other professional areas.

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