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Better Goals via Better Systems

Happy new year! I hope you’re thinking of having a productive year. I am too. It’s been a great 2014 and I’m planning on an even better 2015. One of the goals I’ve been considering is writing more. I used to write and blog frequently but as things got busy with the growth of Raizlabs, posts became less frequent.

In planning my goals, I read a fascinating post by Scott Adams on creating systems instead of goals. Your goals will outline your intentions and that is a start but intent doesn’t help you get anything done. A system or algorithm will instead provide you regular steps for making progress toward your goals.

A system is simply a repeatable series of steps that you can use to make progress. Consider an ambitious goal of running a marathon, losing weight or writing a book. These are difficult to do and simply having a goal of doing any one of these things won’t tangibly move you closer to your goal.

One of my initial goals for the year was to write more. I want to write on leadership, startups, mobile, and innovation, and my initial thought was to have a 2015 goal oriented around this topic. After consideration I decided that what I needed was a system. I do hope to write about those topics more but instead of setting that as a goal I’ve instead set out a system.

Every day I’ll write about 100 words. These words may never get published or appear on this blog but they should take me 15 minutes to write every day and regardless of the readership it will cause me to think more about leadership, startups, mobile and innovation. I hope you’ll join me on the journey.

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